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Fantastic weekend to be an ice angler

This pastime that I enjoy so much never ceases to amaze me. What a great weekend on the ice! I was able to spend a significant amount of time chasing fish on 4 different metro area lakes between Saturday and Sunday. And while the fishing wasn’t always lights out, the views were certainly breathtaking.

Hungry Bluegill mixed in with the schooled basin crappies
Beautiful White Crappie that couldn't resist the Maki Plastic!

Saturday, I caught all of my fish suspended over deep water. Almost all of my fish were half way up in the water column and would readily come up after my falling bait. Bluegills and crappies (including a couple of bonus white crappie!) were mixed together and ready to eat. The lake I was on is known for a lot of smaller crappies so I took home a limit of smaller sized fish for the frying pan.

How can you not stop and stare at that?

Sunday the view of the sun coming up over the tree line was simply breathtaking (or maybe it was the negative air temperatures). Crappies were cruising just above the weeds looking to ambush baits while sunfish remained tucked in deep into thick weed cover and would not come out for anything. The key to catching the big sunfish was to almost deadstick the bait right in the weeds and the fish would come in smack the bait!

Hopefully everyone was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend. The ice on the lakes that I visited was in great shape and it was great to see lots of people out enjoying weekend outside.

Tight Lines!

BIG Bluegill/Pumpkinseed hybrid that was tucked deep in the weeds

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