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Smallmouth Bass are Biting!

Weekend of 6/3/2016

I spent the weekend in Northern MN on a big body of water that I have been trying to figure out patterns on for the better part of the last 10 years. The Lake is very deep with clear water and I’ve never been able to pattern larger bass (largemouth and smallmouth) on the lake. I knew there were big Smallies in there as I had seen pictures in the local baitshops. This weekend I was finally able to put a little pattern together.

With cloudy, drizzly weather on Saturday, I put on my rain gear and headed out in the jon boat. Started out a Lindy Shadling with no success. Then started throwing a weightless wacky rigged senko worm and the fish started biting. I caught plenty of rockbass, largemouth bass and these two smallmouth bass on the wacky worm.

The "smaller" Smallie

The bigger Smallie

The smallmouth were located really close to shore in rocky areas. The lake I was on has steep shoreline breaks and the fish were within 5 feet of the shoreline. Was a fun day on the lake! Remember, don’t be afraid to put on the rain gear and chase the fish. The fish will usually be biting and you’re more likely to have the lake to yourself.

Tight Lines!

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