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Any guide, book, or website will tell you the way to become a better fisherman is to spend more time on the water. This is absolutely the truth, however, reality sets in and not too many of us get paid to sit in the boat and fish all day.  So we have created an answer to this little problem...You Betcha! Outdoors.  A pursuit of four men to become more than just lucky while fishing.  We plan to show you step by step the best way to catch fish in any situation.  If you can combine our methods with what you already find to be successful, then you too can have more fish in the boat or on ice guaranteed!

We aren't trying to be boastful, and we certainly are not saying we are professionals.  We are simply putting our minds together to create a worthwhile resource for you.  We suffer from the lack of time on the water just like you, but together we can find a way.


Through videos, articles, and photos, we hope to provide a worthwhile education in the world of fishing. Please take a moment to check us out and come back often.

Chris Lafean

Pro-staff: Panfish Specialist


Our panfish aficionado! He has spent nearly his entire life learning the patterns and trends of crappies and sunfish.

Mike Stein

Pro-staff: Team Manager


Jack of all trades! Mike travels the entire state in search of whatever is biting. He is always exploring new ways to target species.

Jake Morris

Pro-staff: Bass Specialist


Jake is our bass master. He has a habit of landing lunkers! He has an arsenal of proven ways to get you more hook-ups.

Matt Fuchs

Pro-staff: Firearm Specialist


Matt is an avid outdoorsman. In addition to his fishing expertise, he brings a wealth of knowledge in the world of firearms.

Our partners
We want to say thank you to our partners. Please visit them for all your outdoors needs.
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